“Daddy, build me a treehouse.” A request that is bellowed excitedly by almost every young child sooner or later in their life. The thought of having your own getaway, a place you are able to go to think or daydream, and nestle high in the trees else has always been desired by young children. A treehouse is a symbol of freedom and rebelliousness.

The Treehouse is a true hideaway for two set amongst the trees at the edge of a wood. Once up the stairs you will discover yourself looking out over and through trees towards the lake. The big verandah is ideal for sitting out on and the treehouses itself features a glorious copper bath, a king size bed as well as a shower and a flushing loo. The entire treehouses contains a woodburning stove and is attractively constructed and highly insulated in order to be snug even in the depths of winter. The kitchen/sitting/dining area includes refrigerator, small cooker, gas hob and dishwasher. We include WiFi and a DAB clock radio with ipod dock.

The environment matters to us here at the Treehouse Lodge. Our 8 treehouses (shortly to be 10!) are assembled in the heart of the most varied ecosystem in the world. From our treehouses that soar anyplace between 30-70 feet in the air you get a front row seat to other flora and fauna, monkeys, sloths, and the birds of the Peruvian Amazon.

As well as maintaining our local surroundings and providing remarkable guest adventures, we’re interested in helping Peru as a whole improvement towards more environmentally friendly initiatives.


To his knowledge we’re the first resort to do anything like this in Peru.

Some of the thoughts that we presented peaked Ackerman’s interest.


We get the chance to to help protect the Amazon ecosystem, we’re on board. We’re grateful for the time Mr. Ackerman gave to Treehouses Lodge to discuss these issues and to plan together on how to sustain the unbelievable scene of Peru.