Property Sales

Put your house on the market is an exciting step and takes careful consideration. However, the process is all too often a stressful and property auctions Scotland help taking the stress out of it.

After spending time researching local estate agents and having a selecting someone to value your property, you make your decision. It’s time to list your property and wait for the viewings to take place.

Often, you’ll see an initial burst of viewings, hopefully with multiple viewings and second viewings over the first weeks. During this time, you’ll hear regularly from your agent; providing feedback..

But over time, things can often start to slow down.

It’s worth arranging a meeting with them to discuss progress so far and the ongoing marketing of your property. Your agent should be able to provide you with a detailed plan of action to help generate more interest, more enquiries and more viewings.

If you feel that your efforts with your existing agent are not getting you anywhere and they are failing to meet your expectations, you can and should consider switching to a auction property scotland company. As a vendor you should be working with a company that you can trust to handle the sale of your property and who will deliver on everything they promised at the outset.